Etelään is the unique outcome of our heritage and life trails brought together.

It all actually started by coincidence. While creating menus for our caterings, we were constantly inspired by flavors from our home countries and dishes from other places we lived in. This unlikely melting pot of South America and the Mediterranean/Middle East with occasional German influences has opened a new path for Us to explore.

While keeping some of the dishes in their traditional form, we challenged ourselves to gave others a modern fresh twist. Occasionally this fusion ended up in completely new dishes and flavor combinations which were then field tested, and all warmly received by everyone who tried it.

As this process was more and more requested, We realized that we both were as passionate about sharing our Southern experience far beyond just food; We wanted to give an escape from the ordinary, and include in this experience, the sounds, colors, visions and most of all the warmth and joy of life that were the common ground in the places that shaped us so much.

We welcome any questions you might have,, and look forward to being included in your next great event