Preorder. Prepay. Pick up. Enjoy!

Not everyone has the time or the possibility to prepare food by themselves. Yet we all appreciate delicious non-industrialized food where there is no doubt regarding its ingredients and quality.

Take Me Home enables you to enjoy our handmade food at your home and integrate it into your meal plan for a longer period of time. You can choose between ordering a meal as a normal takeaway (in that case the food will be assembled together and packed warm, to be eaten soon after pick up), or you can order one of our Take Me Home options, which allows you to order larger amount of our dishes in a cold state, sold by weight.

Whenever not meant to be eaten immediately, we always chill the Take Me Home food directly after it is done and hand it over cold. The idea behind it is to enable you to purchase a larger amount that would suffice for the whole family for couple of days and you can warm it up portion-wise according to your needs. Thus you can avoid double warming of the food and keep it in your refrigerator for a longer time.

The Take Me Home ordering service is open only on certain days and occasions, you can follow our Facebook page to receive the most actual updates. When open, you can order and pay conveniently Online and pick up your order at an agreed time and location.