With our work often revolving around catering, we are used to adjusting ourselves to the customers wishes and tastes, and are glad to do so. Etelään, however, is the platform where we do things (food and more) completely our way.

Etelään is the part of our work which focuses on the outcome of the unique encounter between Middle East and Latin America, topped with influences from places we passed along our way.

What began as specialisation in typical dishes and flavours from our home countries turned into something new when we started to interact more between those different cuisines, create fusions and add particular twists.

This mixture of traditional flavours from geographically so different places and the new creations that it has brought were warmly welcomed by all those who tried it, and yet we do not want to limit the ETELÄÄN experience only to the taste buds. We hope to convey also the colours, sights, sounds and most of all the warmth and joy of life that are the common ground in the places that shaped us so much.

We keep exploring new ways to expand this journey South beyond the borders of the plate and of the ordinary and look forward to share the experience with you!