About Us

Our Journey

We are Shlomit and Pablo, together we are the hands that make our handmade food. Both of us have one if another position and mission behind us before we ended up fulfilling our passion in food. When we cook, we combine flavors in a traditional and new way, combining elements of different food cultures, to produce the best possible taste experiences for our customers.

Shlomit grew up in the suburbs of Tel Aviv. Every time he looked out the living room window, he admired the Mediterranean Sea. He moved to southern Germany to study and lived there for 8 years. After that, Finland became his homeland. Pablo grew up in Ecuador. He toured Latin America, gathering different experiences and new tastes. He later moved to North America and studied there before moving to Finland.

The world is pretty small after all. We both came from such different parts of the world and met here in Finland. One day, by chance, we found out that Pablo was an acquaintance of Shlomit’s childhood friend, and the rest is history that you will encounter on your plate.

Tarinamme meistä - Miti Oy